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Greetings Supporters,

Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. There is a serious underrepresentation of positive messages and images regarding girls and women of color in mainstream media and in our global society at-large. We have seen first-hand how this can affect academic achievement, relationships with others and the ability to “Dream Big” in life.

Pretty Brown Girl’s mission is to address adverse social issues affecting girls of color through self-acceptance and leadership development programs in an atmosphere of celebration, empowering them to fulfill their dreams and promote positive change in their communities. The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation is committed to Inspiring positive self-esteem and self-love among our young women, but we need your help.

Founded in 2014, The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation provides an opportunity to bridge the gap for girls both nationally and internationally. Your contributions will allow us to continue the momentum and change our communities, one girl at a time.

Abundant Blessings,

Sheri Crawley

Sheri Crawley
Executive Director
Pretty Brown Girl Foundation

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