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Implement Pretty Brown Girl Academy

Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) Academy was designed to provide Black girls access to a culturally responsive, personalized learning environment that offers a variety of experiences, instructional approaches, and academic-support strategies led by our trained PBG mentors.
Our mission is to educate Black girls, encouraging self-acceptance by cultivating social, emotional and intellectual well being. This exciting digital environment will give girls a healthy alternative to social media outlets they often visit. Click below to learn how you can implement PBG Academy at your school!
Pretty Brown Girl Academy

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Established in 2014, the Pretty Brown Girl Foundation was established to answer the community’s need to offer and sustain grassroots programs accessible to girls with the greatest needs. The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation’s mission is to address adverse social issues affecting girls of color through self-acceptance and leadership development programs in an atmosphere of celebration, empowering them to fulfill their dreams and promote positive change in their communities.

We are committed to inspiring positive self-esteem and self-love among our young women, but we need your help. Click below to learn how you can become a Pretty Brown Girl sponsor!

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