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PBG Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Due to all of the uncertainties related to COVID-19, our program is fully virtual during the 2021-2022 school year.

The virtual program is led entirely by our team of Facilitators. Therefore, we do not individually sell the curriculum or any program materials to schools.

Typically, it takes at least two weeks for the student registration process to be completed. We will create a customized flyer and enrollment link for you to share with the girls and parents. The girls would only need to complete our digital registration form which includes parent consent.

The program meeting day and time is based on the schedule of the participating students. Sessions can be held during school hours, resource hours, or after-school hours (whichever works best for the students).

We can meet with the girls via Zoom or Google Meet, whichever works best for your students.

The school’s designated PBG Liaison would only assist us with recruiting and registering the girls and sending any additional program reminders/announcements, etc. There is no training required for this role.

The curriculum is designed to be culminating, so we recommend a new group of students for every cohort. Girls are more than welcome to continue to participate consecutively but will then become Ambassadors for the program.

Each participant will complete our digital Pre and Post Evaluation forms which assess how they see and feel about themselves before and after the program. These instruments allow us to measure the skills/outcomes including self-esteem, self-love, having a sense of belonging, the impact of our program (infractions and suspension rates), etc.

While the program is designed specifically for Black and Brown girls, any girl is welcome to participate in the program as long as she supports our mission. We value diversity and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Due to our licensing agreements, trademarks and liability, we do not permit school staff to facilitate any programming utilizing the Pretty Brown Girl name, curriculum, etc.

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