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Thank you for your interest in the Pretty Brown Girl Academy for your students! This quick start guide will provide you with general information about PBG Academy and how to implement the program at your school.

Available Services
For the 2022-2023 school year, Pretty Brown Girl offers both in-person and virtual services only in select locations. Please email to inquire about the available services in your area.

Program Information and Pricing
To receive more information and pricing, please complete our School Interest Form found here.

Receive An Invoice and Contract
To receive an invoice, contract, Statement of Work Form, or any other documentation, please complete our 2022-2023 Request for Services Form found here. We ask that schools do not submit for a Purchase Order without receiving an invoice from Pretty Brown Girl.

How Do I Get Started?
Below are the steps to implement PBG Academy at your school:

  • Step 1: Complete our 2022-2023 Request for Services Form found here to receive an invoice. Submit your invoice and other required documentation to your school/district.
  • Step 2: Once the payment or Purchase Order is received, PBG will provide an official welcome email to begin the onboarding process (i.e., confirming program schedule, recruiting and registering the girls, etc.)
  • Step 3: Once registration is complete, PBG will work with the school’s Main Point of Contact to set an official launch date.

General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of Pretty Brown Girl Academy?

PBG Academy is a 15-week SEL leadership program. Sessions will run once a week for one hour.

What is the program schedule for in-person services?

For in-person services, sessions will run on weekdays (Monday-Friday) during after-school hours only.

What is the program schedule for virtual services?

For virtual services, sessions will run on weekdays (Monday-Friday) during or after-school hours.

When does programming begin for PBG?

Our programming begins in October 2022 schools can enroll through February. All Pretty Brown Girl Programs must be operated during the school year for which the program was ordered. (i.e., If the program was ordered in September 2022, the program must be completed during the 2022-2023 school year).

What support roles are needed from the school?

Schools are asked to identify staff member(s) to serve as a PBG Main Point of Contact. In addition, Administrators will have the opportunity to nominate a staff member to be the official PBG Facilitator if desired.

What is the role of the school's PBG Main Point of Contact?

The school’s designated Point of Contact is to assist us with school protocols, program logistics, scheduling, classroom management, etc.

What is the role of a PBG Facilitator?

The PBG Facilitator’s role is to facilitate the 15-week program to their assigned group(s) of students. The Facilitator is required to attend an onboarding/training session and will receive materials and ongoing guidance to ensure successful execution. PBG will provide Facilitators for participating schools, however, schools can nominate a staff member to be their Facilitator(s).

What is PBG’s onboarding process for schools?

Our onboarding process includes multiple steps to complete in order for schools to launch their program. The onboarding process begins once PBG receives the payment or Purchase Order. Typically, it takes a minimum of 21 business days for schools to complete our onboarding process. PBG will provide an onboarding checklist for schools to follow.

Does Pretty Brown Girl track metrics?

Each participant will complete a Pre and Post-Evaluation form, assessing how they see and feel about themselves before and after the program. These instruments allow us to measure the skills/outcomes, including self-esteem, self-love, having a sense of belonging, the impact of our program (infractions and suspension rates), etc.

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