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International Pretty Brown Girl Day

International Pretty Brown Girl Day embodies the mission of celebrating and uplifting girls of color by creating a day of solidarity on the 4th Saturday in February each year. Annually, we choose a theme that supports the learning and empowerment of our pretty brown girls across the globe.

We’re excited to announce our 7th Annual International Pretty Brown Girl Day on Saturday, February 24, 2018! Our theme is “Envision Your Future, Manifest Your Purpose”, as we seek to encourage girls to “Dream Big” by visualizing their success while exploring the process of Envisioning Success.

This year’s Pretty Brown Girl Day will be a day of encouraging girls across the country to nurture a generous heart, courage of mind, a boldness of spirit and of course to Dream BIG! We’re calling for 1,000 girls nationwide to join us by hosting a Pretty Brown Girl “Vision Board Party”!

What is a Pretty Brown Girl Vision Board Party?

A Pretty Brown Girl Vision Board Party is a gathering for a group of girls to create vision boards and bring their dreams to reality. This is a fun way for girls to define their dreams, while making new friends and helping others realize their dreams too.

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