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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone is welcome to participate with us during our 11th Annual International Pretty Brown Girl Day Celebration!

Our 2021 theme is “”Awaken, Align & Achieve”, as we seek to help girls and women live the life they imagine. This year’s Pretty Brown Girl Day will be a daylong celebration for Black and Brown girls and women to create vision boards within their households or by participating in a virtual PBG Vision Board Party within their community.

A Virtual Pretty Brown Girl Vision Board Party is a gathering for a group of girls to come together online to create vision boards and bring their dreams to reality. This is a fun way for girls to define their dreams, while making new friends and helping others realize their dreams too.

Whether you’re a Pretty Brown Girl Educational Partner, Leader, Parent, Student, Mentor or Community Leader, International Pretty Brown Girl Day offers you an opportunity to empower girls. Anyone with a vision for their life are welcomed to join us in the celebration and create a vision board for 2021!

The cost to host a Virtual Pretty Brown Girl Vision Board Party will vary depending on the experience you want to create. Remember, virtual celebrations don’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable and fun!

We suggest that you consider the ages of your guests when deciding the details. Please review the “Vision Board Activity” instructions here to determine what supplies are needed and the amount.

Pretty Brown Girls of all ages and stages can attend, but we recommend girls between the ages of 5-18. There is no required number of guests.

Due to Covid-19, we do not recommend hosting any in-person celebrations. Your Virtual Pretty Brown Girl Vision Board Party can be hosted on any platform of your choice. This includes Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.

We would love for you to share your virtual experiences! Join us social media using hashtags #PBGDay2021 #PBGVisionBoard #VirtualVisionBoardParty and #PrettyBrownGirl. Be sure to tag us in your photos or videos!

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