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Pretty Brown Girl Newsletter – October Edition

Fall is is my favorite season and October also happens to be my birth month! While I enjoy the beautiful change in nature, especially the leaves on the trees, what’s fascinating is that the colors are there all the time! Did you know that it’s the green  from the chlorophyll  that covers the color is already there…it’s just time for the color to be “revealed”? Very similar  to us, in which our blessings are “already” here also. For example, what is your desire? If you have a desire and it is in alignment with the greater good, soak in it, let it consume your thoughts and feelings. Out of that connection…the blessings flow. Out of that realization, the manifestations unfold.

Pretty Brown Girl is humbled to be apart of this process with  so many girls in communities nationally and internationally. We are experiencing growth as well as an organization and are excited about what the future holds and what God has in store. Thank you for being apart of this journey with us and we look forward to the infinite possibilities.

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