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K-8 School Program

Ranked by NBC News as one of the top seven organizations dedicated to empowering girls, Pretty Brown Girl’s mission is to educate girls of color and encourage self acceptance by cultivating social, emotional and intellectual well being. Our approach is to provide an engaging platform for the subtext that most girls of color live within throughout their lives. This subtext often effects their world view, careers, life choices and relationships with others as they mature into adults. Our goal is to broaden the circle of conversation with girls to encourage healthy interactive dialogue and activities in a celebratory environment.

The Pretty Brown Girl Curriculum guides girls through a self-discovery journey that inspires confidence, self-love and a passion to pursue their dreams. Since our inception, Pretty Brown Girl has partnered with hundreds of schools across the country to:

  • Build character and increase their students self-esteem, while building sisterhood
  • Reduce suspension rates and infractions
  • Increase learning achievement
  • Help girls develop and define their short-term and long-term goals

For more information and to receive 2017-2018 school pricing, call us at 1-800-514-8559 or complete the interest form below!

Pretty Brown Girl School Interest Form

Added Value

Rather than becoming a competitor to the wonderful organizations that focus on empowering girls, Pretty Brown Girl Curriculums foster partnership through which existing institutions can implement a reputable platform and join a conversation that touches so many girls and women in this country.


A celebratory spirit is the essence of the Pretty Brown Girl Brand.  Each program seeks to acknowledge what it is like to be a brown girl or woman and address the fact the skin tone is still a point of contention, while celebrating girls in a way that is both constructive and fun.


The Pretty Brown Girl program honors young ladies in different ages and stages in life by allowing them a safe space to have their voices heard.

  • Extended Day or After School Program
  • Focuses on social, emotional and intellectual well being
  • Supports the Common Core Standards (SL.CCR.6.)
  • Program specifically addresses skin tone and self-esteem related topics in an instructional environment
  • Promote unity and decrease bullying
  • Reduce infractions and increase Academic Achievement
  • Includes Empowerment Kits with Products and Materials for each Student
  • Facilitator Guided

For more details and pricing, call us at 1-800-514-8559 or click below!

Pretty Brown Girl School Interest Form

Client Testimonials

Donna Mims, Teacher at Metacomet School in Bloomfield, CT, has partnered with the Pretty Brown Girl Movement for 3 years and delivers a very special message!

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