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We proudly introduce the Pretty Brown Girl Custom Scholarship Fund. Join us in celebrating the remarkable women who have shaped your life!

The goal of the Pretty Brown Girl Custom Scholarship Fund is to help more girls have access to scholarship opportunities. Our objective surpasses merely providing financial support; we aspire to pay tribute to inspirational figures and further contribute to their influence while sparking a drive for excellence among girls.

Take advantage of this moment by partnering with us to help create a lasting impact and support girls’ education. Creating a personalized Pretty Brown Girl Scholarship that reflects the women who have shaped your life is a distinctive way to acknowledge their accomplishments, values, and impact.

Key Benefits

Celebrating Remarkable Women: By establishing a scholarship, you celebrate the influence of the women who have distinctively shaped your life by acknowledging their accomplishments, values, and impact.
Supporting Education: Your scholarship provides financial assistance to deserving Black and Brown girls, contributing to advancing education.
Empowering Future Leaders: Recipients of the scholarship are empowered to pursue their academic and career goals, enabling them to become leaders and changemakers within their communities.
Personal Fulfillment: Recognize the impact you’re having on the lives of girls and celebrate the women who have made significant contributions.
Fostering Connections: The potential for annual tax deductions can provide a financial benefit for contributors to the scholarship fund.

Create a lasting impact by joining forces with Pretty Brown Girl to support girls’ education. Click below to get started!

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