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Our Why

Our Mission

To empower Black and Brown girls while encouraging self-acceptance by cultivating social, emotional & intellectual well-being.

Our Vision

To lead a movement designed to instill pride, confidence, leadership and camaraderie in the community of girls we serve.

Our Timeline

Check out our most notable highlights throughout the years.

2010 - The Beginning of Pretty Brown Girl

The Crawley family developed the brand of Pretty Brown Girl, which started as a daily affirmation and quickly transitioned to a product line that centered around The Pretty Brown girl doll “Laila” under the same moniker.

2011 - Establishes International Pretty Brown

International Pretty Brown Girl Day embodies the mission of celebrating and uplifting girls of color by creating a day of solidarity to uplift and empower Black and Brown girl

2012 - Established Pretty Brown Clubs

The Pretty Brown Girl evolved into a social movement by creating the Pretty Brown Girl clubs in communities worldwide.

2014 - K-12 Pretty Brown Girl School Program Launches

In an effort to formalize their support for Black and Brown Girls, PBG created a revolutionary 15-week after-school program centered on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), academic support, and leadership development.PBG also pledged its commitment to servicing the community with the launch of its philanthropic endeavor, The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation.

2016 - Pretty Brown Girl takes over Spelman College

International PBG Day took place on the campus of Spelman College in the historic Sister’s Chapel. Over 1,000 girls and women were in attendance to enjoy speakers, panel discussions, workshops and a day filled with sisterhood and empowerment.

2020 - Pretty Brown Advocates for Incarcerated Youth

Teen sisters Laila and Aliya Crawley are fighting for justice for Grace, a 15-year-old Black girl being held in juvenile detention for not doing her online schoolwork.

2021 - Established The Patricia Harris-Johnson Leadership Scholarship

The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation continued its investment in supporting young women pursuing higher education by establishing the Patricia Harris-Johnson Leadership Scholarship for graduating high school seniors.

Support Black and Brown Girls

Help us continue to make a difference and impact the lives of Black and Brown girls everywhere!