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Host a PBG Empowerment Experience at your school!

In response to the challenges girls face today, Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) advocates for empowering young girls. We understand first-hand that girls are experiencing increased pressures from social media, societal norms, and personal expectations. Hosting a Pretty Brown Girl Empowerment Experience will present an opportunity for you to uplift your students while fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging them to embrace their full potential.

Learning Objectives

Boosted confidence: Students will deepen their belief in themselves and build confidence.
Elevated self-esteem: Students will cultivate a more positive self-image.
Stronger sense of belonging and sisterhood: Students will feel a greater connection amongst each other, the school community and PBG!
Increased resilience: Students will acquire strategies to overcome challenges, fostering a resilient mindset.
Awareness of societal pressures: Students will gain insight into societal pressures to equip them with navigation strategies.
Motivation and goal-setting: Students will be inspired to set and pursue their dreams and goals.