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During our 6th Annual 2017 International Pretty Brown Girl Day on February 25, 2017,  we seek to encourage girls to think of their futures by seeing GIRLprenuers in their communities who look like them. This is the perfect day to highlight women and girls of color who are leaving a footprint for other pretty brown girls to walk in. We would like to feature Pretty Brown GIRLpreneur, Zandra Cunningham!

About Zandra Beauty

Zandra Cunningham is a 16-year-old Entrepreneur from Buffalo, NY. Her fascination with entrepreneurship began when she was 9 years old. She started making lip balm because that was her obsession when she was nine years old. The idea actually came from my dad, because I was so obsessed with lip gloss, and I’d ask him to buy me new ones. One day Zandra’s dad said, “No, you should just make your own.” She took the idea to her mom and they looked up how to make lip balm. They tried it and it turned out really well.

Zandra developed her own line of bath and body products, called Zandra Beauty which are sold online and at local shops in the Buffalo area. With products stamped with uplifting sayings, it’s no surprise that there’s a dynamo girl behind the inspirational brand.

Zandra believes that young ladies should be confident in their own skin and learn what beauty is from the inside out. Her hope is to inspire youth to take action and make things happen for themselves and their communities. She aspires to create natural products that promote healthy skin care regimines and motivates you daily.

For more information on Zandra Beauty, click here!