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During our 6th Annual 2017 International Pretty Brown Girl Day on February 25, 2017,  we seek to encourage girls to think of their futures by seeing GIRLprenuers in their communities who look like them. This is the perfect day to highlight women and girls of color who are leaving a footprint for other pretty brown girls to walk in. We would like to feature Pretty Brown GIRLpreneur, Savannah Britt!

About GirlPez

Savannah Britt is the world’s youngest magazine publisher and Founder of GP & Britt Public Relations. ​Savannah began her career reviewing children’s books for The Kitchen Table News, a newspaper in the Mercer County area.

“The newspaper I was writing for eventually folded and I was left unemployed at age nine,” Savannah said. “From there, I decided to start my own publication, and specifically one that catered to fashion and beauty advice as well as self-esteem development for girls.”​ She published her own magazine, Girlpez, at 11. ​

Girlpez is an online and print platform that focuses on the empowerment of girls through fashion, beauty, and self-esteem development. Now, at 21, she’s mentored by the Teen Vogue editor-in-chief, Amy Astler, and has even signed her own artist!

For more information on Savannah and her work, click here!